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Bolshevik Girls


“We, have studied it with our *Own Natural Observation, and Senses*, before taking it a step further and using New Camera,s with almost unlimited digital zoom capabilities…”

I see you are ignorant of photography as well. Every lens, regardless of focal length, can be set at infinity. And digital zoom degrades the optical output of the lens. Furthermore, using the Nikon P900, a camera that you and @svarg26 have bragged about in the past, for the purpose of astronomy is plain idiocy, because a camera with a pea-sized sensor (6.17 mm wide and 4.55 mm tall) has such woefully poor light-gathering capabilities that it is utterly useless in the field of astronomy. If you aim you Nikon P900 at a planet, the image will be heavily distorted by digital noise; and there are clowns out there – @svarg26 the village idiot being a case in point – who believe this digital noise to be a property of the planet itself: