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I have been around on plenty of forums / communities and discussions on the interwebs. And i have experienced many heated debates and arguments on so many topics… And i have joined in on many and maybe too much of them.
So I tend to look at the effort / frustration versus reward and satisfaction that I get out of it.

And I came to the conclusion that it just aint worth it 🙂

As far as the flat earth theory goes, since folks had figured out the earth is round, all of humanity has been learned that it is that. So for folks all of a sudden telling that its flat, flies in the face of most normal western educated man or woman. And as far as I can see these debates quickly escalate into a quest of proving a point with the most bizarre and I must say creative theories that man can muster.

Now here is why I think the earth is a globe. We all know that there is magma deep below our feet. And we all know it rises to the surface via volcanic processes. How can this happen when there is nothing below the magma to support that pressure. a flat plane won’t, but a sphere will do that.

Secondly, I have worked for an Australian company that sold laser rangefinders to the military. And when they tested their strongest type of rangefinder, they came to the conclusion that on sea level the maximum range was about 30Km. And that limit is there because of the curvature of the globe.

So thats my vision on it 🙂