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I Guess you missed the lol, at the bottom of my comment, but most usually do, so i,m used to it. I Was trying to get my point across that i also am fed-up especially when i go and post a few video,s On My Own Personal Activity page making sure not too piss-off any close-minded individuals in the process. But,,, A Forum Page Quickly Gets opened-up by others in order to make fun of my personal Don,t give ZERO-FUCKS About anybody who does not admit that “THIS” Is Exactly What Happened as I Was Only Spreading some of my Truths With Proofs,, AGAIN,,, On My Very Own Personal Activity Page. Than I Do Not Need The Be In The Company Of Liars

If Lisa, or @illegalsmile Wants To Disown Me Also Than I guess I,m done of with having most of my comments constantly ignored by her too then. I Am Sick Of Kids,And Nothing But their Childish Forum Topics, That Talk About Sex, & these Shallow, Non-Stimulating Topics Anyways, So MY Time Here Might Be Done, as i am Sick of These Angry Nay-Sayers, that Believe in *BASELESS-THEORIES*,,, INSTEAD OF PROVEN FACTS! And then,,, they lie about it too, lol, oh,,, The Irony. Cause these same people will be the first ones to Say when The Flat-Earth Fully Comes-out that,,, Well It Is Self-Evident only an idiot would not see that! “FAKE-JOKERS”

And I Am So Sick Of Shallow Individuals that Use *Condemnation Before Complete investigation* and Judge others, lol, Sad Man!!

But,,, I Still Love “You” Brother @karm, And always will!
I Love and am happy to have herd best regards from yourself one more time
Bye karm ;(