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“The Jewish Encylopedia posted nothing”


“Aristotle’s relations with Alexander the Great are frequently mentioned in this literature as exemplary in their way, and Jews EAGERLY ACCEPTED the legendary accounts of the conversion of Aristotle to the true faith, and of the repudiation by him of his theory of Creation.”

they write about it in their jewish-literature, put it in their jewish encyclopedia and eagerly accept it as fact.

“the Khazars who converted to Judaism as late as in the eighth century”


“Ezekiel 27:14 mentions Togarmah together with Tubal, Javan and Meshech (Khazars) as supplying horses to the Tyrians.” – written between 593 and 571 BC

“Medieval Jewish traditions linked him with Turkic peoples including the Khazars.”

their words, not mine. the horror of it all.

those darn jews put the khazars in the exact area at the time of pythagoras and they’re the kabbalists who converted the hebrews during their captivity in babylon. it’s where pharisaism comes from, which was the precursor to judaism.

“All that Plato and Aristotle thought out had been already correctly and more deeply taught by the philosophical oral law,”

“Aristotelian philosophy entered and maintained the foreground, only again to yield its position gradually to Platonism, under the growing influence of the Cabala.”

so, tell me. where the fuck did the greeks come up with all their shit?

look where your pathetic lies got you. don’t get fucking angry at me, you dumb cunt. THEY said it. i just relay the good news.

you can fuck off now, you lying cunt.