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Yes, Jojo has a background in jazz drumming and I’m inclined to agree with you about jazz. Fred Armisan’s joke about jazz couldn’t be more on point. Something about any time jazz comes on he immediately thinks “this is jazz.” I’m very particular about the jazz I will listen to and even then I can’t listen to it for too long. Most of it is just not for me. Especially big band jazz. I fucking hate it. When I was a kid the drum instructor at the local music shop recommended the “Burning for Buddy” albums to me so I went out and bought them. Excellent musicians? Yes. Interesting, listenable songs? No. I hate most of the horn arrangements in jazz. All of that wankery just sounds annoying. Not to mention the repetitive nature of jazz drumming. Which is ironic considering jazz is supposed to break the mold. The ride cymbal patterns all sound the same to me, for instance. I gave it a shot but life is too short to waste time doing stuff you don’t enjoy.

That Skynd video was cool. It reminded me of the first time I watched Silence of the Lambs. I was tripping on acid and on the edge of my seat the entire movie. That video gave me a similar creepy vibe and the song is not bad either. I loved the direction of the video. Panning out of the view finder on the camera, etc. Jonathan Davis appears to be heading toward Devin Townsend’s “Skullet” look.

As for drumming ruts and always playing the same thing; I think that’s a pretty common habit for musicians. I’ve heard my brother play the same guitar solo he wrote thirty years ago every time he picks up a guitar. At least now he’s challenged himself to learning other songs. Problem is, now I have to hear Tornado of Souls all the time AND listen to him talk about the structure of the song. LOL. I love that song but there’s nothing more boring than someone explaining a guitar solo to me in musical terminology, fret by fret. But he listens to me endlessly drone on about my bullshit, too. So “do onto others” and all that. Anyway, back to drum talk! What I like to do to force myself to play something different is set limitations on my drumming. I’ve gone back to single kick rather than my double bass* pedal because I relied too heavily on double bass and I would do the same stupid kick patterns all the time. I also currently have my acoustic kit setup “left handed” with only one rack tom and two floor toms. I’ve always preferred more rack toms and just one floor tom. Doing these things has forced me to re-think my drumming and in a lot of ways actually RE-LEARN how to even play. It was shocking how weak my left foot was/ is! Just playing simple rhythms was like learning to walk again. My goal is to be as proficient with my left hand and foot as I am with my dominant right side. I’ve improved greatly and very quickly but there’s always room for improvement. So maybe you could try rearranging your kit, removing your favorite cymbal, or practice working a rudiment into your playing. Something like applying a five stroke fill into beats you like to play. Maybe you already do these things and I’m just blathering at this point.