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Most Original Jews Were “Not White” But Instead, and As Nemes Stated, were Of Middle-Eastern Descent. And These Are Called The Ashkenazic-Jews That Were Mostly Based In Germany, Which in my view, but only after reading your comment, on Your Step-Father’s skin color, and that he was from Germany Himself (Unfortunately) Most Likely Was My B G Brother @Mattjack666.

But The Sephartic-Jews on the other hand, which are Hispanic Descendants,instead of German,they too also have a brownish tinge to them. So You Can See That with Both of them Having A Brownish Tinge To Them, Something Like those disgusting (Gypsy-Scum), but they were a little lighter,They The The-Jews Were A Non White Breed.

The White Jews that You Often See Today, Have Became White Over time By Marrying And Having Offspring’s With White Mostly Christian Women, wanting what we have had all along,,,which is (A Pure White Race) something that they have always longed to become.

And They Have Done This (Breading With White Women)for 2 Important Reasons. #1- It Was Being Done To Put A Stop to What Was Then Major Jewish Inbreeding Practices At The Time,That are still prevalent in their genes when you take a close look at how truly deformed many of them are.

And #2- And (Most-Importantly),,,To Become Themselves The Only Pure White Race That They’ve Always Dreamed Of Being,in order to become The *ONLY* White Race In The World, lol. And this is why they Continue To Push, And Push So, So Hard These Interracial Marriages, that we see everyday now in our Western Countries.