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Poor little pooch, 🙁 Especially Chihuahua’s those cute little are a bag of nerves to begin with. Can you imagine how traumatized that poor little Dude was 🙁 after first going flying, after a huge bang,,, then seeing his master in god knows what condition,,, and then (like you said) making it,s little way all confused, & bruised i,m sure, to your boyfriends door?? God bless that Little Toothless Buddy, Who’s Been Through So Much, and now, as is Old Man, I know For sure, if he could speak.

He’d tell you he loves you so much Lisa, and appreciated you taking him home on that cold Mach day! That Is The Nicest Christmas Type True Story Thad Iv’e heard Ever. And when Cathy Comes Home From Getting Her Hair Done This Morning We Will Sit Down Together and read this together. At least i will not be shedding tears like a Big Baby Alone This Time, lol. You Are Such A Kind Animal loving, and Wonderful person Lisa that The *Little Miracle* As I Will Now Call Him, lol. And Let Me Tell Ya Girl That he Never, Ever, could not have Done better Ending-Up having such a Good, & Caring Mom As Yourself,,, Ever!. I Love You B G Sis,,, How Could Anyone Not love A Dog Lover, and just an Overal Good Caring Individual As,,, Well,, Just Someone like you! 🙂 🙂