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Just like I Said,,, Cathy’s Mascara is running down her face, and it looks like Halloween m a,oouuch!! SHE JUST PINCHED ME on da ear,, and real hard, little bitch! lol. But ya so,,, jeez that hurt, lol. Anyways yea she read-it and she felt so bad for the little Pooch Waiting for anyone in the cold to take him in and love, it is a type of Christmas true Story and i,m sure A Tear Jerk’er that no Grown Man can escape, lol.. It Was probably shaking twice as much as they Usually Always do To begin With. So Thanks Lisa As You Had Us Both Crying, lol, but they were good tears when you continue on to the end. 🙂

And we honestly believe that if it was not for your constant love, care, and affection ,, that he would have lost his life way before he lost his last tooth, lol. Because Those little breeds usually don’t live older than between 10 to 12 years Of Age, give or take, am i right?? But it depends they say on how Comfortable Your Lap Is, lol, How Many Times A Day you softly pet, and talk to him,along with how Happy he is, and how well taken care of they are. Cause some have been recorded to live up to 20, or even 21 years old eating only very wet, watered down food, as they too had no teeth.

Do you mind me asking what the little Pooches name is Lisa? cause my Wife, & I would love to know. 🙂
Anyways,,, Great Job Raising Him Girl, and God Bless You For Taking One of His Lost Little Creatures in, as I Do Not, and have never believed in chance happenings, i therefore Believe the poor little Pooch was destined to be with you to give you love right back, make you laugh, and keep you company also! 🙂