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For one Masterplan, my original topic was smartphones, and how the abuse of smartphones are dangerous while driving. This topic alone, was open for debate/discussion. As of now, no one has come forth, to challenge my comments regarding distracted driving.

I completely read your comment regarding road safety. While it was generally outside the topic I wanted to discuss, I responded to it anyway. By stating that I ignored it, is simply not true. Please go back and reread it. I believe I covered it fairly well. I backed up my statements with facts, in relationship to being a responsible vehicle owner, defensive driver and how governments are bankrupted, due to austerity. For example, not having the funds to repair/construct safe roads due to austerity, can lead to road safety problems.

But there’s two things that I want to bring up here Masterplan…

I believe it’s obvious, that you understood my original comment regarding smartphone abuse. You uploaded a short video with an older man and a younger one sitting at a table, with the younger man having a hard time keeping his eyes off his smartphone. Not only did it assure me that you understood my original comment, but this video supported it as well. If your intent was to challenge my original statement, I haven’t seen it as of yet.

Again, you keep referring back to road safety. Again, I responded to it accordingly. I also linked the shorter video to the longer six minute music video, in relation to how driver distraction, can lead to a major road accident. This in itself, supported my beliefs regarding smartphone abuse.

Finally, I’ve noticed how you keep referring to road safety problems, without solving the problems to begin with. Your opinion is well understood. However, and opinion to a symptom of a problem, doesn’t solve the problem.

…and it never will

For example, if you want to solve gun violence, one may want to look at economic, social or healthcare inequality. As opposed to buying more guns.

Again, your statement of me ignoring your comment regarding road safety, cannot be further from the truth. I responded to it, with some solutions to the problem. As well as linking road problems to distracted driving, using smartphones and other devices/behavior.

In closing…

Your six minute video is centered around people dying in an accident. If your thesis implies that road conditions are the cause of most fatal accidents, then you are wrong. Driver error, due to speeding, intoxicated driving and distracted driving, are the leading cause of such accidents. Being a responsible vehicle owner, can keep your vehicle safe, while driving over these unsafe roads as well. I CLEARLY, HAVE POINTED THIS OUT SEVERAL TIMES!

If you choose to not own a vehicle for any reason, that is your choice. However, bad road conditions, or construction of roads in places where there shouldn’t be any, is open for another discussion. Again, I think I’ve responded to your concern with good solutions to the problems, based on facts. I also linked my concern about smartphone abuse/distraction to your road safety concerns, requiring personal responsibility.

Unsafe roads aren’t going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, if personal responsibility continues to fall by the wayside, both road safety and smartphone abuse, will continue to rear it’s ugly head for many years to come.

I’m a problem solver Masterplan. I’m conditioned to read and understand other’s comments. If I don’t understand one’s comment, then I simply ask them. I offer my opinion to solving such problems, based on the facts. Again, it’s called “Cause and Effect.” Effect being the symptom, while the cause, is understanding the problem that created the symptom to begin with.

It’s easier for a population to go through a state of denial regarding a problem, as opposed to tackling the problem to begin with. This requires critical thinking.

Unsafe roads aren’t going away anytime soon, unless people take a more proactive approach to solving the problem. Dealing with it’s symptoms day in and day out, isn’t going to get anything accomplished.

Unsafe roads/ road conditions require a driver to be proactive, in slowing down and not being distracted by their smartphones. It doesn’t make the roads any more safe, but there will be far less fatal accidents. This covers my original topic regarding smartphone abuse, and your topic as well.

…however, being “reactive,” simply brings up the problem again and again, without a solution

Please remember, denial has never moved a country forward, in relation to solving any problem. It only separates us…

At some time you’ll have to flush the toilet after taking a dump. If not, you’ll separate yourself from your family.

…can you draw a parallel here Masterplan?

Again, I’ve offered solutions to not only my concern, but you’re concern as well. I interlinked the two very well, because my solution, solves BOTH problems.

I hate ongoing symptoms. But then again, I despise being “reactive” as well.

Good day! 🙂

p.s. Done with topic!