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lmao way to pull me out of crowd! LMFAO @fakelucy that won’t ever get old. I think had it been anyone else I would have silently cringed while making horror face. never revisit it again but LOL it’s lucythepussy! actually loosypussy wtf lmao. I wonder if she was truly a man. maybe not, it would have been sad had she not been so damn over the top with it. the youth spent shooting stuff being raised by boys and rock and roll , after the tragic loss of her mother no less..onto the later years of seasoned tough chick, striking out on her own traveling the globe to put makeup on people , LMFAO! because she does it so good LOL! must have been the weekends she got custody of the kids. lmfao I think she/he takes cake for number 1 BG scandal 2018. total ass

and here she lived as biggest faux pas calling a clip a magazine or vice versa LMFAO. she longs for them days . oh lucy! LOL