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Empty soul



I will add though that the min wage routine is slowly being replaced by the “apprenticeship” routine wherein every other fucking job nowadays, from shelf stacker to retail assistance, is being labelled an apprenticeship so that the employers can pay their workers far below the minimum wage.

They’ve even brought in the “mature apprenticeship” position now so that even crusty old folks like us aren’t safe from exploitation.

As for the right to buy council housing trick. Thatcher like most politicians never did like state expenditure and was obsessed with privatisation so by allowing people to purchase their council homes she on purposely set into motion the movement of council housing stock from state to private hands because poor people who buy reduced price housing stock become asset rich only and are therefore made to sell their homes to pay for residential care when they get old and if the old person avoids the care route but has more than one child the house ends up getting sold anyway and the money split multiple ways.

The above fucking nonsense is why so many people are homeless nowadays because it is the poor who need council housing the most and it is also the poor who tend to be in low waged work so they will almost certainly also be on Universal Credit nowadays as well and because Universal Credit does not pay rent directly to the landlord anymore like the old welfare system used to do you end up with landlords playing off the DWP for self gain and rent arrears mounting up for the low waged worker who eventually gets evicted.

We really are back in the times of slum landlords and zero social mobility and sadly the fuckwit leftwing of today champion it via their love of open borders and globalisation and then pretend to act upset and distraught when the ramifications of those actions start to materialise in front of them.

Libtards really like to talk about how modern Britain is so fucking progressive…….yeah fucking right. So fucking progressive we are going backwards.

Anyway that‘s enough ranting from me for tonight. Get a few beers down you Wankdust, it’s Hogmanay.