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Lord Wankdust

“Ever since our voyage of love began
Your touch has thrilled me like the rush of the wind,
And your arms have held me safe from the rolling sea…
There’s always been a quiet place to harbor you and me.”

I think it is a very beautiful song. Been one of my favourites since I saw it on Top of the Pops back when I was 10 or 11. The fact that lyrically it takes a poetic metaphor and extends it throughout the song makes it a real cut above the “”Dance Baby Yowza Yowza…” hoss-piss which lyrically came to define much of 70s and 80s disco.
I also love the perfect musicianship and tight production. Real drums, guitar, bass, piano and some souped-up Philly strings make it a solid, yet moving, slab of groove. Then spread the cool harmonies and sweet lead vocals which make the whole thing sound so light and airy that it’s like nothing is happening. It goes over like a spoonful of honey.
As for those outfits and THAT look. Proper afros, real candy-yello-lemon-jello tailoring, proper white cotton shirts, gleaming white uppers on them shoes and a stacked heel to strut those joyous moves on. Young, gifted and black? That’s where it’s at. There is nuthin not to love about this record. Utterly beautiful.