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Empty soul


“The desire to improve ones lot or your families prospects through political action is natural and noble but can we not agree that feigning support for a cause in hopes of a return in form of sex is gross and base?”.

I absolutely do agree with you, it is gross and base. Sexual desire however is at the heart of it gross and base and is one of the most strongest and intense emotions one can feel and motivates many millions of people all over the planet each and every day into seeking it out.

We human beings like to place a romantic, moral and sophisticated slant on the subject but in reality most other animals on the planet just pounce on each other and get it over with and even within our human societies people lie for it, cheat for it and kill for it all the time.

Of course there are also many more nice, moral people around going about their base urges and desires in a constructive, normal law-abiding fashion but there will always be those who try to obtain sexual satisfaction anyway they can.

Lack of sexual satisfaction can also drive many people into madness, take incels for example, so the immense driving force behind such things should never be underestimated.