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It is pretty Fucking Wild/Fascinating Isn’t-It B G Brother??? I Mean How NASA Managed to Fuck-Us All With Their Fake-Space Cartoons/C.G.I. Photo’s & Bullshit! They Figured that Hey,,, that was easy money. So since the Mid-Sixties When They Got Away With Their Fake Moon Landings, they decided to Continued-on Doing So since We All Figured it Out with-it.

Their Annual Budget i think it was around 2010-11 was 19.1 Billion U.S. Dollars, Which When Broken Down for 50 years Comes-Up To The Equivalent Of about 1 Million U.S. Dollars A Day, 7 Days A Week, And 365 Days a years man, from 1968 to 2018,,, Sickening!

I Always Knew That Some Of The Black-Budget Secret Underground Bases, Were, And (Had To Be) Partially Funded By NASA Since Discovering over a decade ago that our Moon Landings were 100% Faked and figured-out finally how they Managed to Pay For The Many Multi-Billion Dollar Underground Bases/Complexes During this same period of time, was Coming From NASA.

But After Discovering that there is Entire Cities With Hundreds Of Apartment Buildings/Complexes That House Tens, Of Thousands Of Military Personnel,,, That Are 6 Floors high,,, Entire Small, to medium sized Cities, Highways, And these High Speed Electromagnetic levitating high speed Monorails, then i knew for sure that probably more like 80% of NASA’s budget when for their Doomsday massive underground cities. that ride ever so slightly above the track by about 1/4 of an inch By using 2 opposing electromagnets one the Trains sliders, and the other opposing electromagnets on the tracks to have zero friction, and therefore are capable of these crazy-ass speeds, while riding super smoothly. This Train Is Capable of reaching speeds well over Mack 1 which is 762 miles an hour which is i’m sure you’s know,,, the speed of sound.

But, they are equipped with Governors that Cannot be bypassed, and will not allow them to ever reach this speed staying a little under it, because of the incredible Damages, and explosions that would happen if this sucker ever let of A SONIC BOOM, In such a confined space like an underground tunnel. can cross the Country in a couple of hours Now We Know Steal 1 Million Dollars U.S. For 50 years Man With Their Annual Budgets