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I had to watch my step-father pass away in hospital. My mum and step-father had gone to a uk place to see a house that they were thinking of buying and my step-father suffered a brain bleed. My mum phoned me to tell what happened and I raced to get to her. I was taking to a room, thinking that he had already passed away, but he had other ideas and was still breathing. he was on life support and was hooked up to all sort of medicine. After a while he passed away. All I remember is his body shaking a lot. I had to take my mum back home in her car as she could not drive. He once said that I would never drive his car. I am sad to say that I actually enjoyed it, I had an evil smile on my face while driving it home.
In 2010 my mum passed away and I saw her dead body. Still warm, I think that I have blocked out the image as I cant remember much else. I can remember the drive there and back but not the in between. Thank god.