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What would of happened if at Birth, and as we stated School, and so on, we were Told, and Taught that our Earth Was just like it seams to us, when we go out and Look Around with our Very Own Eyes at How Flat Everything Seams,, Like Our Lakes,,, Oceans,,, Highways,,, The Prairies,,, and so on, instead of being told otherwise.

-Would you not think that it would be Utterly Ridiculous if we were told that The Earth Was A Circular Ball, That Was Spinning In Infinite space???

Would you not think that it would be ridiculous to think that our Rivers, and Streams Flowed-Upwards, instead of down, as we observe them do, like when they flow down rapids, and you can see-it for about a mile that the ground below is much lower???

– Why have we never Seen A River, or Stream Flow Upwards If We Are On A Spinning Ball, and i can see The Ottawa River (For Example For Over 30 Miles With My Telescope,,, Why????

-Have Any Of You’s “EVER” Seen A River Flow Upwards, as There Should/Would Be Thousands Of Them On A Ball Earth, If It Existed, That Is???

-If We live on A Spinning Ball, And Space Is Up Above us, then What Is Keeping Our Oxygenated Air, Water, and well,,, The Whole Earth From Being Sucked-Up Into The Powerful Vacuum Of Space???

– If The Supposed Gravity Is At It’s Strongest The Closer You Are To The Ground (as they tell-us), then how come it can hold us down firm when the Ball earth has us upside down, but it is not strong enough to hold us when sideways??? lol. Now you are probably wondering what the hell i am talking about right?? Well let me explain. When you are trying to walk down the side of a high Mountain, why do your feet not stick to the ground (which is where gravity is at it’s strongest remember?) but instead you will fall down, and die instead. Gravity should not dictate to us when it does,,, and when it does not work, lol, it should always work the same.

– Now, in the 1940’s and the 1950’s did you ever hear about conservation of Green space, lol.??? No, it was all about mining for gold, silver, coal, iron ore, gas, and oil. But For Some Strange Reason they decided to block access to Antarctica, and it was because Admiral Byrd had discovered it’s Ice Wall, and the fact that it surrounded our entire Earth. So Antarctica Proved That We Are On A Flat Earth. The Antarctica treaty was signed by many nations afterwards, and it has been on permanent lock down ever since.