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Holy-Fuck dude you’ve done your research yet again,,, Not that i would expect anything less coming from yourself.
I also always Make Sure To Properly Inform Myself by looking At both sides of the coin while making sure to always remain unbiased while doing-so before EVER Opening Me Yapper. 🙂

Kudos,,, And Well Done As This Mini-Documentary lays it out for all to See. Now Let’s Be Clear when i say that i am (NOT Anti MGTOW,) But that I Am Simply *Pro Truth* and to me, this is what has always been important if we are ever to Un-Indoctrinate Ourselves,,, And Start Learning to (Reeducate Ourselves) Concerning Matters that Should be of Paramount-Importance to us all.

Cause when you see all the damages that were caused to our Good Family Values, Along With The Good And Healthy Marriages That Our Grandfathers/Great Grandfathers Enjoyed Back then, in a time where Women *Were Ladies* And *Men Were Men* Unlike Many Testosterone Lacking Poor Excuse For Men That, Society Have forced/Turned Many Into.

And These Butchy/Bossy Carouseling Whores, that have now Replaced Men in The Workplace, while Men Make Supper, Do the Laundry/Dishes while They The (UNHOLY-WHORES) Are Working A Late Night Yet Again* Carouseling Tyrones, & Chads, while Dad jerks-Off In The Shower.