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Yeah yeah , get a much bigger blanket to cover that ASS*

THOSE Princesses were all raised in their fathers harems = no suitors not even 1* !!
If that’s not eminently clear to anyone familiar with HIS’TORY !!WOWSerr* nemsie’
IT’S an obvious “clickbait for cucks* & you claimed to have typed a long comment on the crap, but it somehow flew away into thin air, similar to a flying carpet * THE 1 Item that could be proven was her thin wispy moustache!! (Photographs)
But, but,butt* a week ago you wrote something hilarious, but somehow you logged out, or pressed delete. Or “some bullshit” , a week ago I read another comment from someone who said the same exact phrase
Their comment looked so fucked up & their EXCUSE was “bullshit timer didn’t give me time to edit”
What ?? 4 minutes is enough time to rewrite a whole ‘new’ comment
So you’ve had 10 days to do more diligent “research” as “needed” ??
WTF ? at least @thedre sometimes’ admits a “few” of his mistakes,but NOT U!! just lame, blame games on “bullshit” timers, log outs, or other “bullshit”
Why ?? And furthermore that Arab Cow was really fkn “FUGGLY ” by any standards, even for goat shaggin Camel humping slaves that lived in that damn desert!!! , I’m betting if they had internet back then you would have no shame in asking for nude pic’s, of her and her many sisters !!
And if the Shah caught you peeping into a tent,… one swift blow from A Scimitar would have put a quick & relatively painless end to YOUR BULLSHIT *!!!!! BUTT ,BUTT BUTTON
YOU REALLY shOuld offer your assistance to some world “intelligence services”
‘Sic em” sherlock”*