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I Honestly believe in Woman being held fully responsible for having children out of wedlock, and refusing to name the father, or using the i was drunk at the time, and simply cannot remember. Cause giving up Chads, or Tyrone’s name would do fuck-all cause they are lowlifes on welfare themselves.

But they don’t forget their Names once they used them, & spawned 3 or 4 kids with the poor sucker fuck baby-bonus must be given out if the father An Executive of a large corporation makes 300k. Cause the lawyers will help her secure a good two thirds of his salary, and The House and Car until the last child turns 21 if he is still at School/University. Were Talking for 21 Years of Child Support and Alimony Payments, And They Wonder Why so Many Men Commit Suicide??? I Personally know of one a family friend who did just that.

Not even a month after he was buried she fucked off with a guy who lives in Florida, who many believe was the cause of the break-up, as she kept it a secret and just said that she did not love him anymore.

Any Babies Born, and living Without A Father Where Mom Cannot Afford To Support it, Will Have To Drop Off At These Huge Government Run Daycares. These Daycares Will Have (Only Males Working There) making a better than average paycheck with all the dental/ health and retirement funds. These Daycares will teach these Fatherless Children how to live a Different lifestyle than their Mothers, And instill in them the good family values that carousellers could never do alone, as to not make the same mistakes that their Mothers did.

So They Must Drop them-off at 5AM And Picked-Up At 5PM, while She is forced into Going To Work At Men’s Homes Who Were Victims of their ruse. These Hardworking Men that have to Pay Child Support and Alimony Will Have Their Homes Cleaned,,, Their Laundry Done,,, Their Suppers cooked, and lunches for the next day made,,, and all the dishes done. They will also have to prepare pre-cooked meals for them for the week-end and pick-up groceries for them from a list that they will leave on the counter every Friday.

Failure to Participate in this Work Program, will result in their **Baby-Bonus/Mothers Allowance Checks** being cut off, and their Alimony, and Child-support terminated as the child/children will be awarded to the father because if the Woman cannot perform these tasks at work, than she is an unfit Mother because who says she will do it once home???