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Lord Wankdust

@hopingfornemesis “What the fuck does musk ox oil smell like damnit? We don’t have musk oxen over here but we have bush pigs!”

Musk Ox Oil smells a bit like a gentle blend of a Yeasty Lobster Trap, a Suppurating Fish-Vent and a Blue-Cheese Waffle Fondue.

I only had my evening meal in front of the fire an hour ago… but I’m feeling strangely hungry again. I think I still have a bottle of Cold-Pressed Virgin Musk-Ox Oil down in the cellar. I’m gonna chunk off some ripe Stilton, boil some Winter Kail (english ; Kale, Brassica) and smother the mix in Musk Oil.

Lovely. My breath will smell beautiful at work tomorrow. It’s all good.

PS. I’ve never eaten Bush Pig but I have snarfled at a Pig’s Bush (some years ago now). I can smile and dream about it now but at the time it was terrible.