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Sorry….not much gets by me, I always go to your comments. 😀
The crocuses (croci?) are in bloom and I saw a forsythia blooming today for the first time, so I’m quite sure spring is here. We’ve had rain and heavy fog for the last 4-5 days, I thought of you in your misty little corner of the world and wondered how close misty is to foggy?
I just scarfed homemade mac and cheese, too much…but it was so good. It’s the first time I’ve eaten it since I gave up eating white flour and pasta. I guess I didn’t give it up….my roomie asked if I would make him some and I didn’t have the will power to not eat any. I needed some comfort food. I’ve lost about 13 pounds just from giving up sugar and white stuff, and eat what ever else I want. I gained about 15 lbs. after I broke my femur neck, and I actually needed to gain a few pounds, but not 15. So I’m about down to my fighting weight again. 😉 Hope all is well with you…it was fun rereading this thread.