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I Did apologize to you brother, See Below, that was the answer to your comment to me that you were not talking about The F-E And that yours truly was barking-up the wrong tree, lol.

**Alright sorry then. But, at least you know that i only Bark, and don’t bite, lol. πŸ™‚

But, Because you were so kind in Helping My Cause By Exposing This Which & P.M.S.Queen
Who Has Done Nothing But Cunty-Cunt Around Here, I Would Like To Sincerely Apologize To You Once Again. πŸ™‚

Furthermore,,, i would like to Take This Opportunity To Express My Sincere Gratitude For Your Much Needed Help In(Redeeming Myself,) & My Reputation, Even Though I Will Not Ever Get n Apology From The Individuals Who Not Just Doubted Me, But Instead Just Condemned Me.

Cause when I Tried To Explain To The Others, That (Things Were Just Not Right) While Recognizing The persons Writing Style, And The Aggressiveness Towards Respected Veteran Members,I Knew the gig was up, as i have never,,, Ever Seen Such Behavior Since My Humbled Beginnings Coming From A Newbie.

I Continued That (She/It/He) Was Not The Person They Thought Whatsoever! But Without Missing A Beat,,, I Was Quickly Attacked Again, and was made to look like a fool once more. And It Was Done In A Swift, And Embarrassing Manner, And Simply Thrown To The Dogs Once Again πŸ™

As for Apologizing to the Antipodean Gentleman,, he has been Ungentlemanly Disrespectful, never apologizing to myself Even once when on at least 2 Recorded Occasions/Instances an Apology was in order. But I Instead was the better man and received lots of slack in The Form Of Multiple E-Mails After I Myself Apologized just to ease the tension, and move-on in the hopes that he would also follow suit and do the same, but it never did, and never will come. And Respect Is A Two Way Street That I Refuse To Cross Without Looking Both Sides First!

And Again @LTL My Sincere Thanks For Your Honestly, And Integrity, something rarely seen in today’s Twisted Society where people think that making a mistake, and then apologizing for it is uncool, and a sign of weakness. πŸ™