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God is a Liquid

@thedre, Strong work there Ace! Just a few pointers. Please ‘splain how come when I drop a ball on a high cliff it falls to the ground far below instead of stopping to attach to the cliff side. And even tho it is heading thru air that gets more and more dense, it picks up speed until it reaches terminal velocity. Or if I release that ball somewhere in mid air, it quickly falls to the ground below instead of maybe heading off in another direction. If I let the ball go it falls to the ground. If I throw the ball up in the air it falls to the ground… Or when a flattard jumps up in the air, what is that force that pulls him back to the ground so quickly? Density? Boyancy? Hmmmm. I think the answer might be “Gravity, You Fucking Retard, Gravity!”
Next explain how if the earf iz flatz an the Sun is close above us, why doesn’t it get bigger as it passes overhead? Oh, and if the seasons are ‘splained by the Sun moving in a smaller or bigger circle above, how cum we don’t see the Sun speed up or slow down to keep the length of day about the same (24 hrs). It must speed up or slow down to make longer or shorter laps above us. Have the answers on Looseythe poosey’s desk by the mornin’.