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The following is a post from @Hopingfornemesis who is having trouble accessing BG right now but wanted to make this comment


Gravity depends on mass. The larger the mass the larger the gravity. Gravity will not change on top of a mountain for you or for any item you choose . It is a question of scale or magnitude. You as a human being can’t discriminate but certain instuments over large distances over large areas CAN.

It is part of the way multinationals determine where ores are for mining. They fly over mountains and orebodies and they notice miniscule differences in gravity . They can then determine where metals of certain types may be mined.

Doc is correct , the length of the day would change a lot on a Flat Earth model whereas it does not in a Globe model.

These are basic issues that could be determined by a person of average intelligence within a month of serious investigation using textbooks as well as youtube. We are not dealing with esoteric knowledge but basic physics etc.

It should not take ten years of investigations to arrive at an opinion . I am not saying you are such a person but there are many Flat Earthers which will not take on new info into their thinking. To this day ,I have not come across any info that changes the totality of evidence for a globular earth.

Also a serious student of the world does not get angry but takes on what they hear and then rebuts the argument if they can.

I look forward to speaking with you again.

All errors above are solely mine and not LTL’s and he has posted verbatim what I have written on my behalf and he does not necessarily agree with what I have written.”