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@”Dark Boy” Whiter than The Metis aka Hoping for Nemesis

Da-Fuck You know about anything as all You Do Is Regurgitating 100% of what The NASA-Clowns Have shown you on T.V. and what *The Schools of Indoctrination*, and their Pseudo-Science theory-filled schoolbooks have brainwashed you with. Have you taken any of their DATA, and poured through it yourself??

Have you double, and triple checked their bullshit blackboard style (Einstein in an Einsteinian way) method, lol, and using his *blackboard bullshit* that *Nikola Tesla Himself* Had checked and had Proven to All be 100% Nonsensical Fubararistical Horse-Shit!

Us Flat-Earth Knowers leave no rocks unturned and start from scrap not taking into account any lying NASA Bullshit, Nothing. Then, and Only Then can we be unbiased while performing our experiments, and doing our very own observations, & calculations with the necessary experiments and observations, and have come up with facts.

Solid testable, & repeatable facts that cannot be (Pseudo-Science Theorized) as it is, what it is, and that is 100% proven, and calculated facts, by using The Very Best Equipment available to the public today before arriving to any conclusions. Now That Is Real Science vs. Pseudo-science which is 100% theories never tested felt, or seen.What a Crock-O-Shit!