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I Love dancing the Flattard Song with you. Cause the more i dance with you’s The more the truth shows it’s beautiful face. AND THAT,,,, MAKES ME INCREDIBLY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Cause I don’t want to Kiss, or hold Your Hands,,, So if it,s funny try to understand
Cause there’s really nothing else i,d rather do,,, cause i,m “HAPPY” Just to dance with you,s
I don’t feel the need to hold you,s tight, i,d rather dance the Spin-Globe-Song all day & night,,,
Cause there’s nothing that i,d Really rather do-oo-oo, then to dance Dat-Flattard Song With You,s,,,
Even though you,s know the earth is flat,,, you,s will never let those ego,s pass,
There is nothing more amusing than some fools,, using Flattards instead of face the Truth
And you,s know that i’ve always been right, the truth that,a all no need to get up tight
Cause when your anger shows it shows that i am right , trying to help you understand what’s right,
but yet it blows when you,s get angry day, & night,,, all you wanna do is start big fights
every way you look we win you loose,,, svarg, and i we’ve checked all avenues
And there’s not a fucking thing that you,s can do-oo,, then to pout in anger day & night s’all you can do
The Spinning-Globe theory’s Dead and that’s the Truth, but i’ll still bow my head and dance with you,s,,,
cause watching you,s scatter is better than The Tube, I,d rather watch you,s bow to Jews Then truth.
Cause when your pissed it is an ugly sight,,, truth gives you,s nightmares keeps you,s up at night
cause Jew Love Those Evil-Jews You,s Hug Them tight, Instead of God And Truth you’d rather fight,,,
And although i have to end this tune, it was fun let’s dance again real soon,,, you know your the ones who look like fucking fools, using insults as your only tool,,, cause you never have an ounce of proof,
so keep on watching NASA’s next studio shoot, cause it’s all you been indoctrinated to.
even though i always try to do what’s right,,, you’s just shit on us, you,s curse and fight 🙁