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I Am so truly and incredibly Happy Happy Lisa that some double-account holding poor lost souls are going crazy trying to get a negative reaction out of me that they’ve opened 3rd. accounts to call me A Pedo, lol. Bwa, ha, ha! They’ve just joined, and their first comment is your A Pedo?? ah my God how obvious is that.

I Love Ya Sis, but not in a cock/pussy way, just A B G Sisterly Way. I Just wanted to be clear so you don’t end-up going all lesbian, & shit on me again for 5 years, lol, remember??? that was a good one eh?? lol. 😉 See??? i can still be vulgar to some degree without being mad, just like in the Beatles song that i changed some of the lyrics to. 😉 bye bye for now Sis, 🙂