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Jon Smith

Who said gravity had anything to do with the interaction between the earth and the moon. You have tides mixed up with gravity. If you plan on giving a bunch of links to youtube video you all will be lucky to get anybody to believe your theory if your gonna back it up with youtube. I have met a couple people that study youtube law ( sovereign citizens, Moors, etc) ask them how that is working out for them.

Lets hear your theory on gravity or whatever its called, the reason we weigh what we do and tell me why the sun goes down in the west and up in the east. I would love to hear it. Btw the avatar is a fucking chimpanzee not a gorilla. Also btw NASA is not the only space agencies that thinks the earth is round, every single country with a space exploration division china, Russia, Germany, Britain, Australia, etc they all agree that the earth is round. I guess they haven’t graduated from you tube college yet.