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Empty soul


I hate libtards. Hate them with a passion and that’s because libtards know exactly what it is they are doing but do it anyway because they are greedy self serving, virtue signalling little shits.

Niggers on the other hand are just stupid animals. They have no more self control than a dog does. They act on primal instincts and live to eat, fight and fuck which is why they are a drain on the state because they’re dependant on their owners(host country) financially supporting them.

That niggers kill over the smallest perceived slight, steal other peoples stuff and generally piss and shit everywhere they go is standard behaviour for that particular type of animal. Its just in them. Its what they are.

Libtards acting to find and place more niggers into white society then is the equivalent of a nature lover finding and placing lions into human habitats knowing full well what the end result is going to be and just as I don’t hate lions so long as they keep to their side of the fence and I don’t hate niggers either so long as they stay in Africa.

To conclude. Niggers are dangerous beasts but libtards are dangerous humans and therein lies the difference in that the beasts have no power or influence without the humans.

If it were up to me then I would prosecute libtards under the dangerous dogs Act.