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Empty soul


The sporting authorities and government in my country does the opposite. So desperate they are for a gold medal they grab niggers from the jungle and give them a passport.

Our greatest “British” runner is Mohammed ‘Mo’ Farrah from Somalia. He even got knighted by the Queen for fucks sake. Now he is Sir Mo Farrah, Knight of the fucking realm. Its like that movie Black Knight with Martin Lawrence.

The above shit is why I don’t support local sport teams anymore. The players aren’t even from the same country as me let alone city.

“Oh, throwing bananas at darkies on the soccer field is hilarious. That gave me an idea. Instead of casting aspersions on the niggers via limerick, as funny as they can be, maybe the entire stadium could trash talk in a really loud series of clicks and grunts“.

Oh but we do. We make monkey noises at them and do the hands under the armpits dance. Makes them very angry. Great fun.