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Empty soul

I thought I may as well copy and paste myself from another thread that got disappeared for some reason because it adds to the topic at hand.

“In Britain blacks are 4% of the total population. 1.8% of that number are black males. That 1.8% are also responsible for around 65% of all violent crime in England.

Low IQ and excessive physical strength is a terrible combination. Ok, its useful in sports which is why they excel in that field but worthless anywhere else.

As for why they are like that. Testosterone is the short answer.

If you look at the symptoms of testosterone overdose you will see that it causes loss of concentration and diminishes clear thinking. It also creates excessive aggressiveness and gives rise to spontaneous acts of violence and hypersexuality. This is why bodybuilders who take too much testosterone boosting drugs such as steroids exhibit roid rage so often and want to fuck all the time, even when its not appropriate.

The above is why black kids struggle to concentrate at school and so never learn anything and why they chimp out so often(roid rage). It is also why they are hypersexual. Simply put, they have too much testosterone in them.

Why?. Why do they have excessive testosterone compared to other races?. Evolution is the answer.

Sub-Saharan Africans spent thousands of years longer than other races as hunter/gatherers. When the rest of the world was creating tools and farming practices and building centralised civilisation based upon trade and its supply and demands the Sub-Saharan Africans remained cut off from the rest which is why they were still living like tribal hunter/gatherers with no technological prowess to their name other than the pointed stick and the mud hut.

Evolution then tends to be a rather unbiased thing. It does not hate or fear. It simply provides what is needed for survival and so it was that survival in a hunter/gatherer lifestyle required traits related to survival in such an environment. Larger amounts of testosterone was one of those factors. So was a focus on fast twitch muscle fibres and traits focused on strength and speed etc.

Humans in an environment that had developed farming and tool building required different traits though such as traits focused on intelligence and creativity much in the same way as humans in colder, cloudier environments developed whiter skin in order to absorbed sunlight better.

To conclude then. Sub-Saharan Africans have a thousands of years difference in their evolutionary design to us whites. Climate and sunlight penetration gave us different skin colours and environment gave us different needs and subsequent evolutional traits.

It really isn’t that much different from dog breeds. Dogs have different temperaments and different levels of aggression and intelligence based upon their evolutional paths etc. Nobody denies this and yet they shit their pants and throw a fit when somebody points out that humans might not be so different.

Anyway. The short of it is that black people are ill-equipped from a evolutional perspective for survival in white society because white society is built with white people and their base functionalities in mind which is why niggers are always trying to pull down rather than reach up because they know that is their only chance of survival“.

To add to the above and to further evolve my original topic do you ever wonder why niggers choose white western countries to invade and not East Asian ones?.

They choose white western countries because they know they can pull down and survive in them whereas they would be expected to excel on their own merits anywhere else.

White western countries are the only places that offer Affirmative Action and race quota systems that ignore individual failings in favour of physical representation.

White people are also the only race that can be tricked into self flagellation, even for things they haven’t done.

A dumb-fuck nigger from niggerstan can come to white land and reach the top echelons of society just for being a nigger. Just look at Ilhan Omar and Diane Abbott for example. They don’t have to be intelligent, capable or successful they just have to be black to survive and be successful.

The American and European “Democrats” (in name only) and the libtards in general thrive on the dumb-fuck dark skins for votes in fact because it is the only way they can wrestle power from the indigenous working class populations in favour of themselves.

The nigger is merely a tool for the libtard then because they don’t ever choose to live near them, preferring high priced white areas instead. They don’t have their children educated alongside them either, preferring private paid-for education instead and they don’t socialise with them also. They just use them as a tool to attack everyone else outside of their libtard bubble with.

To conclude. What with all the observed negatives in opposition to the government stated positives both the libtard and the nigger have exhausted most peoples ability to believe in, deal with and cope with them.

What say you?. Use your own experiences and opinions and let it all out.