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@Vincit Omnia Veritas

This is a great video Mark. It is very informative even though The Jews Had To, (As Always) add their own agenda to it. But if you can get past-it as we both now are able to do with relative ease, it is quite awesome Mark.KUDOS 🙂

Yes,,, i remember it as if it were yesterday brother. But Lucky For Both of us, we still got to see, & sneak inside the tunnel of these 3 Beautiful Slovakian Pyramids. And once inside this long, and quite creepy & super cold shaft we discovered some crystals that weigh more than gold. So we snuck back-in, and dug them out with our bare hands while utilizing your Fathers Tools to chisel-out some of these beautiful Gems & One of a Kind Crystals, and Were Able To Bring Some Back Home, And For Myself Back Home To Canada.

These Were some super cool 5 sided (thousands of year-old) Crystals, i,m sure that we will keep and cherish Them Forever. And Especially Now, Since The Pricks blocked-off the Slovakian Ones, not wanting to share with anyone this wonder of the world. So These Fucking Jew-Pigs gots there Filthy-Paws on them, blocked the entrance off, along with the Bonian Ones, and Also Blocked those-up, barricading them like they were fucking Fort Knox??? CUNTS! 🙁

And Thanks To You Mark,,, and Your Awesome Connexions,, we were able to experience/Discover for ourselves this one in a lifetime wonder of the World, and Gods-Creation! 🙂 This made our time together that much more exciting, and amazing!

We Also Got To Meet-Up, And Have Lunch With **A Celebrity Of Sorts**, The Man (IN THE VIDEO) Responsible For Both sets of Pyramids along with his team of Scientists who also had lunch with us. He was Responsible For the discovery of Both, the Bosnian & The Slovakian Sets of Pyramids, thanks to Your Awesome Connexions! This was one of the highlights of my trip to Slovakia Mark, and i will never, ever forget-it, and the fact that we got to go in shortly before they closed them.