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@Dyslexic Half-Blind Mr Magoo because jealous Churchmouse BOASP said so AKA Hoping for Nemesis

Where’s My Pictues You Ask??? lol. ***Where’s Your Manners Man???***

Hey Dre, Sorry for not replying to you sooner, as i did get your notificaion, like **We All Do**
Asking if me if i was interested in seeing them. Cause i was about to do it until Another Member Sid Fuck Them Dre,,, I Want to see them, lol.

So i informed him that after the long weekend i would go through the 400 + Pictures and post them sometime this week.

So Like No Hey Dre,,, How was your Weekend? Get any fishing done,,, oh yea,,, and what did you’s catch?? Cool.
Well i,m glad that you and Cathy had a great Weekend B G Brother!
Yea,,, About Those pictures, Absolutely,, I Would Love to see them with You & Mark Inside that Pyramid that would be cool And Hey,,, i realize that you’s just got back home yesterday as Monday was a Civic Holiday (Day-Off Work) here in Canada, so Take You Time Dude, No Rush,,, But When You’s get a chance to download them from you camera chip to your computer, & then go through them all to find them, then post them.
Have a good day!

**Now Nemes,,, Seriously,,, does that not sound a little nicer??? Fuck? 🙂