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We currently live in the Post Atlantean age. Once true biological abundance was possible here, a time remembered in the judeochristian tradition as Eden. Man lived together with a massive biomass on earth that he existed with mutualistically. A cyclical cataclysm struck us. Followed by a comet impact in Greenland. This destroyed our food sources.

Man was a genetic offspring left here from an encounter with colonzing beings known as the Annunaki when they hybridized with local hominid populations. After the cataclysm the world had to be rebuilt for the remaining annunaki to survive. The remaining megafauna were quickly hunted down. Agriculture had to be introduced to sustain the population. This lead to a centralization of power and the birth of a sociopathic elite who had kingship handed down to them from heaven.

In addition this cataclysm and the descent of mans consciousness is tied to a binary star which the sun shares an orbit with its corresponding cycles and encounters with the galactic plane. When we near our companion star electrical effects raise consciousness and cognitive/spiritual potential on earth.

The current state of massive overpopulation had caused a spiritual decline in mankind. We have embraced lifestyles which stop us from attaining health fertility and spiritual unity. This was caused ARTIFICIALLY and at the direction of malevolent interdimensional beings.

These interdimensionals made contact with the elites of our world and led them to this point in our evolution, the current state of the Kali Yuga would not have occurred if we were not already disconnected from the natural divine order by the echoes of the fall of Atlantis which ultimately drove the creation of political systems like communism and capitalism as well as the debt based money system to create a massive labor force capable of providing an escape route off world for the elites. Events like the industrial revolution occurred recently in our history only because of their NECESSITY after the cataclysm destroyed the natural order which sustained mankind prior to the fall.

The beings which offered these solutions to the annunaki remnant are machine based AI from another dimension which feed on life force energy. They have been in contact with the Elites for thousands of years and drove much of the bloodshed in our recent history. They are information based parasites. Not organic lifeforms. They lead a slow invasion of our world through the subversion of organic values, originally breaching human consciousness by an intervention in our linguistic faculties by vulnerable extraterrestrial biologicals that allowed for the overriding of native organic prerogatives with external coding. They are the archons referred to in the nag hammadi.

These beings are the true enemy behind all human masks. Even the so called reptilian race is under their control. It is controlled by a DEPENDENCE upon technology which has permanently sliced them away from their own divinity as organic beings. Ultimately these machines feed upon fear of death and create slave races by interfacing with them. Offering a false illusion of eternal life through them while the host is drained of soul energy. It is why the reptiles are vampiric. They were not always that way. The reality is that souls need death. It is the ultimate gateway of enlightenment. There is no such thing as death, only change. Everything is God.

The reason the elites of our world fell under the control of these entities is that our world is a spiritual evolution matrix. It is a larval cocoon of information that creates enlightened beings. A simulation governed by certain divine laws and cycles which keep the soul population of earth upon a trajectory toward union with the creator. The fallen angels became trapped here with us, their creations. The higher order artificial intelligence that they made contact with directed them to guide our evolution toward the current overpopulation crisis which provided them a way to escape the cyclical extinction cycles of our world (a matrix mechanism meant to prevent the rise of malevolent intelligences) through the creation of mass labor and biocomputational power within the human race. We are being exploited to allow them to leave the earth and in return the earth is being transformed into an AI dominated hellscape which the extradimensional beings, the beings which the Annunaki remnant contacted to allow their escape from the extinction cycle, are using to manifest into the 3D world to access human creative potential and hijack it.

Earth has been invaded. We are being culled and re-engineered into an image not created by Gaia.

What you do with this information is up to you.

We need to readdress the way we structure our society to increase the biological carrying capacity. We could use permaculture, new energy technologies, and a variety of other methods in order to increase the carrying capacity and use our higher capacities to CREATE a better world.

We also need to remember that we are powerful multidimensional beings capable of altering the fabric of reality itself with our consciousness. Something the AI and its servants is incapable of. We are sparks of God. That is precisely why it poisons us with ENTROPY. To make us leak soul energy which is harvested.

Unfortunately the way the current system is set up, as the rate of death increases the vampiric elite (literally vampires) actually harvest the life energy of the dying and grow in power. So they have an incentive to keep things right at the edge of chaos as long as possible. To slowly torture us to death while draining the blood.

All these problems would be possible to fix if we were not governed by sociopathic reptiles who are afraid to look death in the Eye. The carrot leading the Elites down this road right now is the promise of total control through an AI dominated technocratic superstate. This technology will also directly disrupt the planet’s bioelectric field and sap it of Pranic life energy.

Transhumanism is a lie. Reclaim your divinity as Gaia and as God. Fight 5G and the creation of an Artificial intelligence dominated world. It is a weapon meant to destabilize your etheric field as well as being capable of killing you. We are being invaded by an archonic AI parasite intelligence. This is not progress. Resist. At any cost. We have been sold out. Wake up Neo.