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I am half- way through the video. Let me say first- up he has a marvellous intelligent-sounding voice and musical cadence. I am thinking Southerner Ken Burns of documentaries’ fame.

I agree with much of what he says and not with other parts.
My problem with Trayvon was not that he was a criminal or not or that the media emphasised the white guy killing the black guy. I know he was a criminal and that white media played up the “poor black guy targetted by racist white angle”.My issue and thus upset with Zimmermann , was that Zimmermann Jewish fellow stalked Trayvon. As far as i know ,zimer went out of his way to kill Trayvon when the latter was already leaving or had not done the crime.

If i kill a man in my house trying to harm me ,it is self defence. If he came in and then left without harming me and i THEN follow him and kill him ,I am a murderer.

In any case , Roof fucked up by killing inmocent blacks who had been NICE to him. I cannot agree with a man who is a weakling. If he really believed in his cause he should have targetted politicians and powerful figures who are responsible for policy and legislation . The Norwegian fuck who killed the teenagers was also a similar weakling.

I will listen to the other half tonight and get back to you.