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Empty soul

Dylann Roof was semi-intelligent. Intelligent enough to see, understand and point out the problems arising from globalisation, mass migration and multiculturalism but not intelligent enough to work out the best way to counteract it.

When one man kills it is seen to be an empty action. A frustration born from internal turmoil and taken out on others.

The above can be dismissed, ignored and forgotten about because the singular action can be easily attributed to an aberration rather than a widespread socio-political problem.

The action of a thousand men however cannot. Nor the action of tens of thousands of men and every number above because with greater number comes greater authority and greater support.

To conclude. It is far better to bring to light rather than to shroud in darkness. Identify and magnify, don’t senselessly push it into the background.

The criminally inclined, academically low achieving blacks create enough shit all by themselves so why kill a bunch of church going innocents when you can magnify and report on their actual general day by day behaviour as a race.

Just show the bastards for what they actually are and you will achieve a lot more in the long run than simply going on a “first person” rampage.

When it comes to blacks just tell the truth to your audience and you will win by default.