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I read it. and quite frankly it’s a hard read.
I don’t mean to seem overly critical but we learn more through criticism than praise, no?

it reads more like a blog than a narrative or story. I don’t want your story told to me, I want to live it
you semi-set the scene but then you are all over the place . lacks definition of time,space and zero character development

you get intriguingly descriptive on nonsensical bullshit while glazing over areas that could create some pretty intense kick-ass drama. but I don’t really know where you are going with any of this and I think that is my issue, but I certainly applaud you for trying and definitely keep at it as maybe one day I could write a sequel.. story of newly acclaimed best-selling author withdrawing his first royalty check ,at the ATM, snuffed out by no other than TommyPranx grampa (da dum)