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Gonna be pretty signifant, in my opinion.

Then there is this interesting character whose name was Nikolai Kondratiev. He observed the pattern recessions and depressions have followed for at least a thousand years. Which tells you just how the markets are manipulated by Jews and have been for as far back as the history of the mankind goes. Jews ended up throwing him in a gulag for these findings.

Nikolai Kondratiev figured out that we have a recession every give or take 8 years, and a major depression every give or take 60 years. The longest the world went without a recession was 120 months (10 years) from 1991 till 2001. We are now, for the first time in history, 122 months into life without a recession. In other words, we are way overdue
for one.

Worse yet, we are more than a hundred years since the last depression. We are way overdue for this one as well. There are multiple economic indicators that suggest shit may hit the fan within the next 3 years. I would say at 2023 it would be the latest, if they can artificially prop it up because it suits them well at this time.

I have also been digging into Grand Solar Minimum which some expect to come as early as 2021. This may coincide with the economic recession and depression events I mentioned above. The following couple of years could be quite interesting. I hope everybody was preparing by learning how to grow their own food and survive without the grid.

I just read that in China, they expected harvest rates are 35% down year over year, in the US the largest growers report decreased yields by at least 20%, in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada, the farmers see yields at least 30% lower than last year. Meanwhile in many places around the globe the effects of global cooling are severely felt. Here in Europe we had no-summer this year. Regardless of all the bullshit about global warming and their trained kids like Greta Thunberg spewing shit from a script to hoodwink the masses, if one opens their eyes and switches off TV, the real picture begins to take shape.

There’s a lot of good info on cataclismic cycles that have been well documented, but you gotta know where to look for it, as Google and their YouTube will not show them to you in any way. Unless you have a direct link to it, you won’t find it.

The link above touches on an interesting subject that was described in detail in a book called The Adam and Eve Story. The book was classified by the CIA in 1966, only to release a sanitized version decades later. What don’t they want us to know?

In summary, the missing pages appear to talk about “null zones” in the Milky Way Galaxy that we orbit through. These null zones mess up our electromagnetic fields when we pass through them every several thousand years. This polar reversal disruption causes the semi solid lava layer below the crust of the earth to liquefy rapidly, thus loosening earth’s surface which then glides around Earth’s core. This shifts Antarctica towards the equator and the equator lands towards the poles.

This quick shift happens in few hours. This time was estimated due to Mammoths found and the way that they were instantly frozen in muck. The way their muscles were frozen indicates extreme cold that was sudden and were drowned in a massive muck slide due to this cataclysm, which were the land masses on the equator rapidly shifting their location to the northern pole. The shifting of the land goes against the direction of the sonic winds on earth, thus causing an instant freeze and tsunamis happen because the ocean tides still flow in their regular respective patterns despite the crust gliding to a shifted position.

The earlier mentioned Grand Solar Minimum appears to happen every 400 or so years. The major well documented one was in 79 AD. Along with the polar shift cycle of a couple of thousand years, and the shorter economy downturn cycle, it seems like we are approaching all of these to happen at once possibly as soon as 2021. Shit could hit the fan and those who are not prepared will suffer.