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still pops-in from time to time. The last time that he popped-in, was about 8 to 10 Months-Ago “(but please do not take my timeline too seriously, and as an exact one)” due to my screwed-up memory. But He @PortugueseDude,,, And @McTreblar Also were both Moderators, and helped Mark Through His 2 Years + of Sheer Hell Fighting The Jew Owned And Completely Controlled Canadian Justice System.

Nobody Will Ever Be Able To Win A Case Against The Canadian Justice System, if what you say happens to offend them “The-Jews” in Anyway, Shape, Or Form. Cause No Matter How Truthfully, & 100% Honestly that You Present Your Case To Them, The Crown-Attorney’s Office, will still screw you As they did with Mark.

So they,,, *Those-Jew-Cunts*,,, Will Stop at nothing until they are satisfied that they have Financially ruined you, and that they have taken pleasure,,, great pleasure (that is) in also taking away “All” of Your Constitutional-Rights, & Freedoms Fully & Completely.

These Cockroach-Slurping-Jew-Cunts,, are Masters At coming-up with Bogus, And Unheard-Off Charges, Just Like The Ones That They Came-Up With to charge Mark With. What They Did Was To Dig-Up Charges that date back in the early 1800’s, lol, lol. so by going this far you see that you will loose either-way, and every time! So Back To Our 2 Brothers Above. Lucky they were there to keep B G Alive & Well cause without them, and a few generous members i’m not sure Mark would have made it through, by keeping B G Alive.

And i say this cause they had a court order preventing Mark from owning, purchasing, or using any form of communication device like A Laptop,,, cellphone ext. in order to destroy his site, and have it being forced to shut down. So They Both Played A Major Role while helping-out as Moderators, along with a few others who also helped-out during what was for Mark, a very difficult time in his life.