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Lord Wankdust

Take you time with this one. The finest dramatisation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s wonderful “Kidnapped” ever made. With Michael Caine overcoming his cockney London origins to become the finest portrayal of Alan Breck Stewart ever committed to film. Set just after the Battle of Culloden where the English defeated the last stand of the Scottish Stewarts against the English throne. A really wonderful film which ends up being ten times better than it ever should be. Made in 1971… I don’t think the acting quality, scriptwriting and directorial prowess exists which could make this film today. Wonderful. All filmed on location in Bonnie Scotland.


If you are not weeping at the end then take another look at Vivien Heilbron, Michael Caine’s brave exit and Mary Hopkin singing “For All My Days” at the closing credits. A true joy of a film – and a true heartbreaker.