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it’s a long scroll to the top to reread this but going by memory my initial thoughts mirrored yours.

I think for whatever your reason you are broken. or maybe just lonely and you would even take the tramp back even now, I know it. that is its own problem but I think underneath it all maybe your issue may be rooted in your sexuality. I think you are gay, no ungay dude craves dick

at the very least you are bisexual. maybe you need to figure that out, meaning figure out yourself before taking on others. you obviously fuck women but struggled to with her at times and just because your first blowjob failed doesn’t mean all others will

regardless of all that my advice would be to not hook up with Red. she is toxic now as your heart is involved and she’s another one who doesn’t know what she wants (aside from your name on her chest?) ug.

anyhow you are going to be mopey and mourning the tramp that got away, but you will come out better for it . you don’t need that, no one does. maybe you are one that needs emotional needs met with ‘traditional’ male/female relationship and your sex with man or maybe after you weather this storm you will find a woman that is interested in entertaining and even partaking in your fagness. so you get best of your everything

right now you are shook and the only way to shake it is replace her with someone else, my advice is replace her with yourself. be the best you can be. I tell it to myself and I agree