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I took a series of photos chronicling my first legal weed purchase and my internet is shit I can’t even upload them to imgur,bummer

so I am waiting in parking lot waiting for these couple hoodlums to clear away from the door and then I realize five people later that they are actually the line. it was tiny building, it was like a haunted house where they just let a couple people in at a time after others exited. I walk in there and just one other person allowed in with me. one side of the shop was absolutely gutted and I am led to these two glass jars on the counter. that is all they had left lmao. I couldn’t believe it lol wtf I just drove 45 miles!

what am I gonna do? so I took what they had. I asked how many varieties do you normally have and he pointed behind me and I turned to see giant glass case with 40+ different strains of pot in jars . it was all for medicinal use and recreational wasn’t allowed to dip into their supply. that is what we once had but all sold out lol

too much pot though how would you choose among all the flavors? that is crazy

I got what they had left. headmaster kush and cherry star. I had pictures of my pot packets and the bud and the line I waited in . not screwing around with that anymore though as now I want to enjoy my buzz 🙂