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Lord Wankdust

@illegalsmile55 I’m still with the little Blue Boys. Ami T and me are gonna see my planetary time through together! I’m no quitter! Even with them I still wake uncomfterbul after four or five hours sleep. There’s no way around it, under it, over it or past-the-side-of it. Lower back pain sucks big logs.

Made an arrangement with my boy for a fine road trip on New Year’s Day for a few days, so a little consolation there. I just hate manipulative and twisted people and his mother’s manipulative and twisted qualities have simply been refined and honed over the last couple of years. I shouldn’t have been surprised or disappointed.

And my boy is a man now – so he can make his own choices. That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss him though. We’ll have a good time when we see each other, he’s taking the wheel of my car, so we’ll get to see some fine parts of Scotland and he’ll enjoy the thrill of driving his old man around. In that respect I am a very lucky man.
Your new dog looks a fine kinda hound!