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Right on dude! I seen Cypress Hill on 4/20/2014 at a venue in Cali called Pozo Saloon. My buddies and I were standing, vibing, and passing the blunt around during Cypress Hill’s show.
After I was done hitting the blunt, I tried passing it to my left. Only no one grabbed it. After a couple seconds I look down and my friend is on the ground unconscious from dehydration. I splashed some water on his head until he woke up and then took him out of the crowd to get some ice cold water. Because of that, we missed his finale where he played Hits from the Bong. I was kind of pissed about it but now I laugh.
He wasn’t the only one who passed out at the show though. That day was almost a record breaking high(in both temperatures and pot smoked). This one chick I was dancing with almost puked on my shoes. Have you been to any reggae concerts? If not what other concerts have you been to?