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The way that i see it is that no matter what your (true feelings are regarding the Jews) and their bullshit-scams sometimes you just have to take one for the team, and bullshit them right back pretending to love em for purely economic reasons, no??

So sometimes you must eat sour crow, instead of sour dough, and just play the game, like they do, and have done forever sort of speak. And what i mean by this Guys is that there are so many billions that still believe in the Holohoax that publicly hating them could/would close many doors, and therefore creating a potential economical downfall that could reek-havoc on your overall G.D.P. because of it No??? And i mean losses on an extremely large scale, and all because you are an open enemy of the Jews.

Politics will always have some bullshit attached to it the way that i see it. And i would probably do the same thing no matter how hard it would be for myself to contain myself. Sometimes you must fake-it for the betterment of your Country, and self, as long as you reach your objectives in the end game, whatever it may be.

I Still trust Putin over any other President/Prime Minister the world over. He is a very Intelligent Individual & ex chief of The Mossad. So he Has got ta be a world class bullshitter himself when he needs to be, sort of speak. An Individual who says it the way it is when necessary, and keeps his mouth shut, and simply smiles when it is the right time to do so.

In other words you must pretend to love and respect them, when in actual fact you hate their fucking guts like I’m Sure Putin Does. And he very well knows that those Dirty-Jews Hate his, and anyone not Jewish.