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Gone-off my rocker coming from a Ghoul Looking Funny-Looking little Paled-Faced Fucking-Freak ya, lol. And i was just waiting for a little Jewish-Queer Like Yourself To come and shit in my pond, with your complete, and utter nonsensical bullshit, so i can let you have-it, and have fun while doing-so. And because The Proven-Truth Hurts,,, and Hurts badly,, and makes-it even funner to ridicule you uneducated, but instead Indoctrinated pitiful self. Your Father should of laid you down on his lap, and slapped your little skinny arse more often, as maybe,,, just maybe he could have knocked the kosher right-out of you, lol.

These stupid Indoctrinated & brainwashed little-cunts just like yourself, who calls themselves educated cause they simply regurgitate/repeat *Like Fucking Parrots* what they have been ordered to swallow by the forkfuls are today’s problem with society as a whole. And just like the dirty-Jews Themselves,,, they should be castrated in order to make sure that *NO-MORE-GHOUL LOOK-A-LIKES LIKE YOURSELF* Ever Get Spawned Again, lol. Actually,,, they should all be shot like Hitler’s Dumb-Jews, before the get the chance to fornicate guarantying our chance of killing that inbred gene pool, and quickly.

You have a lot of growing-up to do ya little disrespectful Jew-Fuck, Who Calls Mainstream Pseudosciences Real-Science, lol. The amount of professional Marine, and Land Surveyors, Including City Mappers, & Professional-Engineers That Drew-up These Large 20 Square Mile Plots of land FOR subdivisions that i worked-on for over 25 years, Never, Ever had to Account for the Missing 1/4 mile of Earth’s Supposed Curvature, that should have been there, every single time that we developed them, and when planing our every city plan, and overall growth, you
sad little uneducated little cunt ya.

So instead of going to your School of Indoctrination And Call-It Education, lol, try doing some of your very own research instead of playing video games while living in Mommies basement, while collecting a welfare check. Actually,,, i should slap Your Jew-Cunt Mother for ever spawning such and ugly, big-nosed fagot like yourself, cause as white as you are You My friend belong in a Cemetery, and not here on Best-Gore, lol. where they make you simply remember something than grade you on your ability to remember it and regurgitate-it well has taught you fuck-all through all your schooling years, except to Shut-Up and listen, like the stupid little robotic Jew-Slaving Dumb-Ass.

Real-Scientists that You Have Never Heard of Except For Maybe,,, *NIKOLA TESTA*, And the only reason would be because of his brand of Car.
Other True, And Non-Mainstream Scientists that you have never heard of, or of their experiments are,,,

#1- Samuel Rowbotham,,,
#2- Jean-Felix Piccard
#3- Wilbur Glen Voliva
#4- Albert Michelson
#5- Edward Morley
#6- William Carpenter,
#7- Kaysing,
#8- Rene,
#9- Furgeson
#10- George FitzGerald
#11- Hendrik Lorentz

These are just to name a few that i quickly dug-up you stupid little Fuck. 🙂