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I’m going to make a point here about gold and silver. The only reason I’m really talking about huge gains in gold and silver now is because I’m expecting the dollar to collapse eventually. We’ll end up with a reset and gold and silver will be close to their true value which is waaaayyy higher than it is now. You’ve seen the debt clock details. Outside of a crash/reset, silver and gold are insurance, not a speculative investment. If you want that from them then gamble on the exchange with gold & silver ETFs ie paper gold/silver.

The one certain thing about fiat currency is that it loses value constantly due to inflation so saving it is pointless, especially in today’s negative interest-rate climate. Both gold and silver are a hedge against inflation, a preservation of wealth. Sure, they have their peaks and troughs but if you want to save money then they are the best way to protect your purchasing power. If they do hit a massive spike whilst you’re saving then cash a few coins in; take that expensive holiday or buy that car you wanted. Other than that just stash it away until you retire and then cash a little at a time as your retirement income. If you and the missus both pop your clogs before spending it all then you have something to leave to the kids. But if there is a crash and reset in the meantime, then you’re going to be in a great position to come out of it quite wealthy and probably set for the rest of your days.

Everyone has insurance: for health, for buildings, for contents, for car, for life…..but how many of these give you your premiums back if you don’t claim? None of them! But gold and silver do; if there are no major economic setbacks, you have just accumulated a lot of wealth for your latter years.