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Before i watch-it (cause i think that i have already seen it) but would love to see it again.
But i would also like to add that even though most of the Worlds Leaders From Around The World and their know that The Holohoax never existed & is totally fake, they have an agreement in place with The Jews, & Israel to not Rock The Boat (Sort Of Speak), and please keep quiet about-it.

And that is partly because so many Billions of people wholeheartedly believe in it. And that in itself would become a major global problem, as people would fight and not believe that it never happened.

And also,,, they already have thousands of Holocaust Memorials In place around the world that generate Billions in donated revenue annually from it that i’m sure many Countries who keep quiet and play the game receive a cut of any generated revenue from the memorials in their Countries.

So in closing,,, it would make sense to not condone it, but instead promote it since it’s already set-up, and billions love, respect, and donate to it’s cause. I Am going to Check-It-Out Now Brother,, and Thanks-Man! 🙂