Please allow me (At The Very least) the opportunity (after already posting many of them) in my multiple previous Flat-Earth Related Forum-Pages, my very own thoughts,,, observations, and experiments on this The Flat-Earth Truth.

But lets not forget that many other top F-E Sites and the people that created them, people like Eric Dubay,,,
Jeran Campanale,, (from Jeranism),,, O.D.D. T.V,,, And William Guzman have also observed, & discovered, and share many of the same thoughts as i myself do. So sit back,,, relax,, and discover what we have discovered while simply observing, and questioning what everybody else, including myself, and the 4 hard-core Flat-Earth truthers above thought was impossible before.

The easiest way for NASA-JEW-MASONS to describe how gravity works is to compare it to magnetism. With that being said, if the earth was indeed flat once a day, or during one 24 hour period we would be standing-up on the side of This Supposed Globe. And again,,, once a day, or during one 24 hour cycle, we would be standing completely upside down correct??

If Gravity acts like us being magnets, and the Globe like iron, which much of it is composed of, then this part would make some sense. And since we do have an electrical current that runs through our entire body, then our bodies would then act like electromagnets. then this would inevitably have to be The driving force that would help us remain glued to this Globe while completely upside down right??

**Pressures exerted on our bodies**
But here is where the problem’S’ come in, or lie. Lets say (for arguments sake) that you weigh approximately 175 lbs. When the Globe is positioned where you would have to be be standing completely sideways twice daily, and for about 4 hours then the required force needed in order to keep you firmly set on this Globe would inevitably be increased/sustained during this period of time. Now normal everyday things like walking, running, jumping and so on would be incredibly hard to do, and become extremely hard to perform.

And i say this because as something as simple as lifting your leg in order to walk, would feel like your legs are lifting an extra 87.5 pounds, or 1 1/2 times your body weight. And while the Globe has you standing completely upside down for up to 4 hours each day this force needed to keep you firmly attached to this Globe would be like lifting double your weight, or 350 lbs. which would be like doing one legged leg-presses every time that you lifted one leg to walk. And Without this extra force required to keep you (SOLIDLY GROUNDED) While upside down on this Globe, you would simply fly off of the earth, and into the sky. So when Neil De-Grass Tyson, and Bill Nye where both faced with similar questions regarding Gravity they both had a look on their faces like they had seen a ghost, while Tyson simply replied I don’t know??

Now Lets take a close look at how Buildings,,, Cars,,, Houses,,, Water,,, and so on, would behave when the same forces are applied by this supposedly incredible force of nature we call Gravity. Now Since buildings, cars, houses and so on are not living entities with electromagnetic properties running through their bodies how do we explain how Gravity knows how much force it needs to keep the above mention glued, or magnetized to our earth, while sideways, and then,,, when completely upside down??? Hum??? Guys,,, A Magnet is a magnet and depending on it’s size it can only support so much. The larger the magnet,,, the larger the pull, or push force it will have.Now lets take a look at 25 or 100 story skyscrapers for starters.

Some will argue that because there is some metal in their make-up, and utilized in it’s construction stage that this alone could be, or act as a contributing factor to attractant to these magnetic properties that is already inside our earth. But all the while forgetting that it is because of (the living entities) and not the earth itself that have the natural electrical energy/current inside them. Actually our bodies, and every living organism on earth has some varied levels of electrical energy inside of them, that they say (These Pseudo-scientist) or Theorists act as these Magical Magnets that are both positive, (it pulls) or negative (it pushes) like all magnets do.

So they are also trying to tell us that it is always the positive side of the magnet (sort of speak)that comes into play attract us to this Globe??? C’Mon Man,,,, C’Mon, that allows us all to stick to the Globe, While it rains upside down in Australia. But the only problem with this is that it is not The Globe that Acts as a magnet, but only living bodies, such as animals, insects humans and so on that have this small electrical current passing through-it that could (under the right circumstances) act as electromagnetism under the right conditions when alive. And to top it off and completely debunk this the amount of cement versus The Metal Re bar,,, I-Beams,,, and electrical wires which could technically act as a magnet if the right conditions again are applied to them. And the fact that they only occupy maybe,,, maybe 1/1000th, of the total buildings weight, as opposed to the cement which also by the way have zero electromagnetically charges particles, or properties inside-it whatsoever. So if a building was to be on it’s side twice a day for 4 hours, then it would simply fall to the side and collapse just like the twin towers but sideways instead.

My Final Thoughts on this **Gravity-Theory**
So because it has never been able to be proven,,, tested, and repeated (in a controlled lab) this Magical Force that they compare us, and this impossible Globe-Earth (Gravity Theory) that attracts us together. And lets not forget that this magical Gravity phenomenon knows exactly how much pressure to exert on our fragile jello-like bodies,lol, compared to 100 story skyscraper that weighs-in at an astonishing tens of millions of tons that we are standing next to. Therefore i call THIS IMPOSSIBLE THEORY **SELECTIVE GRAVITY** Knowing exactly how much pull, or downward pressure it needs to apply to yourself, or us, (i should say) in order to not get pulled to too hard and pulled inside the earth itself. And i say this because everything including an Ant or Building needs an exact pull in order to not fly away, or get pulled right into the ground itself. **THE GRAVITY THEORY IS THEN DEBUNKED 100%**

We will discuss How Rivers, Streams, and Creek beds, would inevitably have no other choices than to change their directional flow, and constantly during every 24 hour period, if we did indeed live on this supposed spinning Globe Earth Theory.
See You’s Then. 🙂