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FUCK MULTICULTURALISM! It’s just a way to undermine white people. And the Canadian police enforce the undermining of white people by enforcing multiculturalism. So do the traitor politicians. Multiculturalism/diversity is anti-American, it’s anti-Canadian, it’s anti-Australian, it’s anti-New Zealand , it’s anti-United Kingdom, It’s anti-European.

A fanatical class of multiculturalists seeks to divide and destroy our shared identity as Americans, Canadians, Australians, Europeans. In order to enforce multiculturalism, they need a police state to crush all descent. In a multicultural society, white people don’t matter anymore, the country is not about us and our culture and our way of life. It’s all about everybody else. Communism used to be the threat to the west. Now multiculturalism is going to destroy the west and destroy white peoples countries and cultures.

They have declared war on us. This is a hostile movement against us. We are no longer at peace in our countries. We are at war now against domestic enemies. The governments are against us, the police are against us, all of the other races are against us. All of the minorities are against us. All of the religions are against us. All of the royal families are against us. They are showing us no respect at all and spitting in our fucking faces!

It’s not peace time guys, and if we don’t fight back, you can say goodbye to western civilization as we know it. We didn’t ask for any of this and we didn’t start it. They made hostile moves against us. We are totally within our rights to defend our countries